How to Plan Your Unified Communications Deployment

“UniComm Consulting has assisted dozens of mid-sized to very large Enterprises in successfully formulating their Unified Communications (UC) strategies and in converting those strategies into affordable, step-by-step roadmaps, implementation plans, and budgets,” writes UniComm principal Marty Parker on UCStrategies.

“In almost every case, our clients have found new insights into the way that communications is used in their business processes and have then been able to select and apply just the right sequence of UC technologies to make a significant difference in their business operations. In almost all cases, the roadmap has been self-funding based either on reductions in out-of-pocket costs or on improvements in the business outcomes, or both,” Parker writes.

Click the link below to read Parker’s extended discussion of the consultancy’s methodology:
The UniComm Consulting Methodology for Successful UC Strategy and Planning

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