Ingate Announces New Enterprise SBC for SIP Trunking

SIP trunks—direct VoIP connections from an ITSP (Internet telephony service provider) to an enterprise LAN that support the session initiation protocol (SIP)—are definitely the wave of the future. Essentially, they eliminate the need for the enterprise to maintain a connection to the PSTN, and are the cheapest and most effective way to support IP based communications.

But there are problems. First, while SIP is a standard, it is still implemented—by PBX vendors and ITSPs—in numerous different ways, resulting in compatibility issues. Second, firewalls—especially those running network address translation (NAT)—also tend to choke on SIP traffic, creating a troubling conflict between network security and communications.

New Hampshire-based Ingate Systems this week announced a new edge device the IX78 Enterprise SBC (session border controller—definition) designed to simplify the deployment of SIP trunks by ITSPs.

While it resides within the customer’s premises, the IX78 E-SBC is pre-configured to the service provider’s technical specs, and since Ingate’s technology has already been certified with PBX equipment from a broad selection of PBX providers, compatibility is assured and deployments can proceed quickly, without further QA testing.

“Rather than offering a limited service offering after long and expensive PBX testing, with Ingate, service providers can deliver seamless, secure SIP trunks to a much larger number of customers—immediately,” said Ingate president Steven Johnson. “Service providers are offering SIP trunks to increase RoI on VoIP installations, quickly. The IX78 E-SBC offers them a cost-effective solution designed specifically for these kinds of mass deployments.”

The IX78 E-SBC is a plug-and-play device with provisioning tools, management and support capabilities adapted to the carrier’s service, providing them with a solution that is easy to deploy and requires minimal ongoing maintenance from the ITSP. It gives the service provider the ability to monitor call quality by tracking jitter and MOS values.

The device can support as many as 50 concurrent calls, depending on licensing, and can work in conjunction with a company’s existing firewall, or provide full SIP-aware routing and firewall capabilities, as needed.

The IX78 E-SBC also provides automatic priority for voice traffic to ensure quality of service, connecting to the WAN either via Ethernet or with the built-in ADSL2+ modem.

Finally, the IX78 is also appropriate for deployment by hosted IP communications providers as well as ITSPs, and provides support for a full range of unified communications (UC) applications, including presence, video, and instant messaging, in addition to voice.

The IX78 E-SBC is available immediately.

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