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“Digium, the custodian of Asterisk, announced this week at its annual Astricon conference a new initiative called the Asterisk Scalable Communications Framework. Asterisk SCF is not a replacement for the company’s venerable Asterisk open source telephony product, but rather a companion product intended to take open source communications to the next level,” writes industry analyst Dave Michaels on UCStrategies.com.

“Asterisk was created as a PBX alternative and the rules of that market [have] changed. Increasingly, users are demanding unified communications including multi-modal requirements such as wide-band voice, HD video, IM, and desktop sharing along with robust APIs for CEBP. Asterisk can do all that, [but] it gets complex particularly in large implementations with high availability requirements,” Michaels writes.

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The Next Big Thing: Asterisk SCF

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