Is the PBX a has-been?

“A session at Enterprise Connect called “The Post-PBX Platform: How Real, When and From Whom?” drew a standing-room-only crowd of almost 200, all of whom stayed for the entire 60 minutes. Obviously, this topic hit a nerve, even though I doubt that anyone in the audience actually believed a new era had arrived…yet,” writes No Jitter publisher Fred Knight.

“But the technology and industry are moving in that direction; the old “refrigerator” PBX model is already a thing of the past. For the past decade, we’ve seen the relentless disassembly of the PBX, to the point where credible and implementable architectures now can be built without a PBX–its functionality, instead, carved up and delivered via a widely distributed network of servers,” Knight writes.

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Are We In a Post-PBX World?

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