JAJAH Joins Forces with Intel to Wake Up PC Telephony

JAJAH made a splash in the fall of 2006 when it introduced an innovative, PC-centric way to place free and low-cost IP-based calls using your phone instead of a headset. (You supply the application with your phone number and the number you’re calling, and it completes both legs of the call.)

Last week, the company announced a partnership with Intel that will result in incoming calls “waking up” a computer that is in full, energy-conserving sleep mode. JAJAH, will implement Intel’s Remote Wake capability—built into select Intel motherboards—in its IP telephony platform.

At first we were a bit confused by this, since JAJAH doesn’t call computers. Rather, as noted above, it uses computers to initiate links between telephones—so computers would not be targets for incoming JAJAH-routed calls. A brief conversation with a JAJAH spokesperson cleared up our confusion.

In addition to the JAJAH service, the company operates an extensive IP telephony network—the ‘managed services platform’—that carries calls for a number of other VoIP services, including cable operators and Internet-based Yahoo! Voice and SIPphone’s Gizmo5 (formerly Gizmo Project).

Many of these JAJAH customers’s services do place calls to computers and thus will be able to take advantage of Intel’s Remote Wake—providing users have computers equipped with Intel motherboards that have this technology.

Remote Wake-equipped Intel motherboards will become available next month.

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