Junction Networks to Review Mobile VoIP Apps for OnSIP Customers

New York, NY — June 2, 2010 — Junction Networks announced today that it will now be offering an extensive review program of Mobile VoIP applications for customers who wish to take advantage of the technology using their OnSIP account. Junction Networks technical experts will evaluate business Mobile VoIP applications and offer tips, recommendations, and instructions for each via their website at www.onsip.com/mobile-voip.

Mobile VoIP clients, such as iSIP and SIPDroid, allow OnSIP customers to remain connected from anywhere using their mobile phone. By using a Mobile VoIP client, combined with OnSIP, users can take advantage of features available to them on their desk phone, such as extension dialing, caller ID, outbound calling from the company phone system, etc. Using a Mobile VoIP client will also allow you to use your mobile phone without eating up your mobile minutes.

Click the link below to read the press release:
Junction Networks Launches Mobile VoIP Review Program for OnSIP Customers

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