MagicJack’s Boing Boing Suit Unsuccessful

DSL Reports’ Karl Bode writes: “While Magic Jack’s cheap VoIP dongle generally works rather well, our forums are occasionally littered with complaints about the company’s business practices, be it it for little things like a website hit counter that used to artificially inflate their trial participant count (since fixed), or misleading marketing practices (like saying today is the last day of a free trial promotion, every single day). Our users generally overlook these problems for one reason: the service is dirt cheap, and works.”

Bode continues: “Back in 2008, gadget and culture blog Boing Boing ran a rather simple post highlighting some of Magic Jack’s more dubious practices, including their bogus free trial user counter, their use of behavioral ad technology, and their inclusion of arbitration language in their terms of service. Magic Jack didn’t like the post very much apparently, because they wound up suing Boing Boing for defamation. Unfortunately for Magic Jack, all of Boing Boing’s claims were true, and Magic Jack has been forced to pay the website $50,000:

Click the following link to read the full story: Magic Jack Tries, Fails To Shut Up Boing Boing

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