Magor Communications Announces Release 3 of the Magor TeleCollaboration HDWorkPlace Family

Ottawa, Canada – March 8, 2010 – |}Magor Communications{ today announced Release 3 of the Magor TeleCollaboration™ HDWorkPlace family of telecollaboration systems. Designed to dramatically improve the effectiveness of video-based meetings, the HDWorkplace family seamlessly integrates advanced data collaboration capabilities into a peer-to-peer, high definition (HD) video conferencing experience. With instant drag-and-drop sharing of computer desktops (any mix of PC, Mac, Linux, UNIX or Solaris systems) through an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), Magor’s advanced collaboration capabilities allow permitted participants to see, control and edit shared files and documents in real time. So, instead of “talk now, do later”, users conduct working visual collaboration sessions that allow them to make decisions, get work done and produce results more quickly.

Release 3 introduces flexible video compression processes that can adapt in real time to varying network conditions and end-user behavior. By extending basic video scaling principles with segmentation and adaptation, Release 3 effectively eliminates the potential negative impacts that video can have on networks. This approach protects critical network traffic and applications while delivering 1080p video and collaboration – including over best effort IP packet network connections such as the Internet. Setting the benchmark for Good Network Citizenship for enterprise video conferencing solutions, Release 3 does all this without overburdening the network or significantly increasing IT costs.

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