Microsoft’s Hidden Advantage in the Battle for UC Ascendancy

“The battle for the top solution in the Unified Communications (UC) marketplace is absolutely not a battle; it’s a war! This is a war between ideals, concepts, innovation, and territory. We all know who the major players are and how long they’ve been there. We have seen the uprising of the new players and the general market confusion that has transpired over the past several years. We also know the features that customers want and need,” writes Joe Schurman on the Network World blog.

“So through the sludge of the market solutions today for Unified Communications, how can a winner, a true winning solution, prevail? What separates one UC solution from another? Whose foundation, whose platform, provides the required features, the must haves, but also the wants and also prepares for the future of human communication?” Schurman wonders.

“The solution lies between providers like Microsoft and Avaya. Both providers offer a CEBP [communications-enabled business process] application interface and foundation, but Microsoft puts the power of this capability into the familiar hands of Visual Studio developers, which in my mind has been the biggest strategy that Microsoft has to offer in this war,” Schurman writes.

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CEBP – How Microsoft will win the Unified Communications War

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