Mobile Video Capabilities Come to Android

Just last February, the folks who brought you the great audio sound of Skype—that would be IP voice and video processing solutions provider Global IP Solutions (GIPS)—announced its VideoEngine Mobile for the Apple iPhone.

Today, the company announced that it has ported the technology to the Android platform.

VideoEngine Mobile isn’t an end-user application, Rather it is a tool with which developers of multimedia applications for mobile devices can quickly build in high quality IP video processing capabilities, for conferencing or chat applications—without having to worry about the complex challenges of wireless networks.

The GIPS VideoEngine technology deals with obstacles such as delay, packet loss, bandwidth limitations and echo; making sure video conversations dynamically adjust with Wi-Fi or 3G cellular network conditions to maintaining great caliber video.

“Mobile applications are becoming more and more sophisticated and by providing HD voice and video capabilities inside their applications, our customers continually differentiate themselves to lead the mobile application market,” noted Joyce Kim, GIPS chief marketing officer.

Indeed it would seem that sophisticated voice and video capabilities will shortly become—if they aren’t already—a sine qua non for successful mobile devices, as suggested by research firm ScreenDigest‘s recent finding that revenues attributable to mobile video applications are on target to double over the next four years to just under $4.5 billion.

“GIPS VideoEngine is capable of running on a wide variety of smartphone devices globally,” said Frost & Sullivan analyst Ronald Gruia, in a statement. “Android is becoming the fastest growing operating system and with the addition of Android video support from GIPS, application developers can utilize established real-time video expertise without the need for heavy R&D investment to offer real time voice and video capabilities.”

GIPS has posted a short demo of VoiceEngine Mobile for Android in action. Click here to view the demo on YouTube.

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