New VoIP Module from WiredRed

San Diego-based WiredRed Software late last week announced its next-generation software engine for PC desktop multipoint VoIP. Like other components of the company’s turnkey communications product, e/pop Web Conferencing—multipoint video, data sharing, and presence—the VoIP engine is available to “commercial vendors that seek to include the same capabilities in commercial-trade products and services” via application programming interface or API.

There’s a heavy emphasis in the VoIP engine on sophisticated audio components, including adaptive noise cancellation, acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control, voice activity detection, optimizations to handle discontinuous transmission and multiple participants at differing sample rates, jitter filter management, and—perhaps most significant—mixing and bridging for multipoint VoIP conferencing.

“These audio capabilities are equal to or in many cases surpass the capabilities of Skype, as they license it from Global IP Sound, WiredRed’s vice president of marketing, Tom Toperczer told “We want to tout the fact that we have these APIs and that they can be easily integrated into a carrier or telco’s phone systems, as well as other OEM applications,” he said.

A case in point is network communications provider Mitel. “They’ve incorporated our multipoint video and web conferencing into their IP PBX product line and their soft phone,” Toperczer explained. “Mitel will now avail themselves of the new voice API,” said CEO Steven Peltier.

In another case in point, “Sony Online Entertainment has incorporated our software components into their PlanetSide online multiplayer game,” Toperczer continued. “It provides over-the-internet team play and allows 20 kids to all yell at each other all at the same time.”

That—scalabitily—is the other aspect of WiredRed’s VoIP engine that its execs really want to drive home. “We sometimes look at this as a multipoint add-on,” said CEO Peltier. “For example, Skype can do, what, three multipoint conversations? We can do 300. Current VoIP technology from Global IPSound or VCON is very limited as to the number of points that can be included. When we say ours is very scalable we mean by a factor of 10 to 100 over what these folks can do. We’re not talking about the difference between three or five or eight,” Peltier concluded.

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