News on Many Fronts from MagicJack

MagicJack, the popular VoIP gadget you’ve probably seen on TV or for sale at your local drugstore, is now part of a public company, via a merger last week with VoIP firm VocalTec Communications. (Trading on the Nasdaq as ticker CALL). So what’s next for the company? We just got off the phone with VocalTec CEO Daniel Borislow, who was previously with MagicJack parent YMAX,”
writes the San Francisco Chronicle’s Dan Frommer.

“He tells us… MagicJack is still planning to come out with its “femtocell” product this year. This is basically a micro-cell tower version of the MagicJack that works with a cellphone, and not a typical landline phone. AT&T currently offers a micro-cell device, but wants $200 for it. MagicJack’s should be super cheap,” Frommer writes.

Click the link below to read the full article:
MagicJack Is Teaming Up With A Mobile Carrier For Its Femtocell Product (CALL)

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