Nimcat PBX-in-a-Phone Expands with Downloadable Features

Nimcat Networks has expanded its all-in-one PBX-in-a-phone offering with a new service that lets users download additional features onto their phones.

Ottawa-based Nimcat Networks has created a technology that allows users to build out a local VoIP deployment that includes traditional PBX features but without the PBX. The nimX technology is a patented Peer-Telephony-eXchange (PTX) solution that allows each nimX powered handset or device to automatically discover other units on a network to instantly create a virtual exchange.

The target market for nimX is telephony OEM manufacturers such as Toronto-based Aastra Technologies Limited. The core nimX technology includes more than 120 of the most common PBX features that users would expect. Those features include mainstays like voicemail, paging, auto-attendant, and intercom.

Nimcat’s new nimGate e-commerce website ups the number of available features to nimX-enabled phones by allowing users to purchase and download new features. Any nimX-powered phone will be able to download the new functionality and use it.

Marc Gingras, Nimcat’s VP of Product Line Management explained that users access nimGate as they would any e-commerce website. They find the software they want to purchase on the site, pay for it with a credit card, download the modules to their desktop, place the module on a PC within the network the phones reside on—and click on it. The software finds the phones and does the installation automatically.

The nimGate service is launching with two new modules, a nimX VoiceMail Notification and nimX System Web Administrator, which lets the administrator make changes to the telecom system such as assigning extensions. The VoiceMail Notification module is being offered for free while the System Web Administrator module costs $100.

“In the next few months we will announce additional functionality that will enable businesses to increase the effectiveness of their distributed employees,” Marc Gingras, Nimcat’s VP of Product Line Management told “It will enable them to operate multiple phones at multiple sites and have them behave like a PBX-based phone system that is provisioned within the same building.”

Proceeds from the nimGate site are set to be shared among Nimcat’s channel partners, ostensibly providing them with new revenue opportunities.

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