PacWest’s SBC service routes over 1 billion VoIP minutes.

“PacWest Telecomm’s Telastic on-demand border controller service has already become a hit with its service provider customers since it was launched last September with over a billion minutes rated and routed as of the end of 2010,” writes Fierce Telecom’s Sean Buckley.

“A key component of the service is the Telastic Border Controller technology, which provides on-demand border control, including VoIP security with network address translation capability, firewall traversal, and interworking. In addition, the Telastic Border Controller includes a number of managerial features including least-cost rating and routing engine, VoIP peering, numbers management, billing, traffic analysis and reporting, revenue protection, fraud detection, and traffic management,” Buckley writes.

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PacWest’s Telastic border control service surpasses 1 billion minute mark

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