Podcast: Avistar’s Take on Bandwidth Management

Avistar’s Stephen Epstein on Bandwidth Management:  [swf file=”http://vid.itbe.com/ctoedge/avistarjune30.mp3″]

One of the key technical challenges facing unified communications vendors and service providers is determining the optimum way of sharing bandwidth and related resources. The goal is to divvy up available resources in a way that provides enough bandwidth and adequate prioritization for real-time applications, such as video and VoIP, while not completely ignoring static apps such as e-mail.

This week, Avistar announced that it has been granted a patent on a real-time bandwidth management system. The press release describes the parameters of the patent. Site Editor Carl Weinschenk spoke to Stephen Epstein, Avistar’s CMO, on the company’s approach and broader questions about bandwidth management and unified communications.


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