Polycom Enhances Enterprise Video Capabilities

Unified Communications vendor Polycom expands its portfolio today with new solutions and enhanced capabilities.

The Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager is getting a scalability boost, and the vendor has also unveiled a net new product, the RealPresence Video DualManager 400.

John Antanaitis, VP of Product and Solutions Marketing at Polycom, told Enterprise Networking Planet that the RealPresence Video DualManager 400, a video conferencing management platform, sits on a Dell PowerEdge R620 server that houses a RealPresence Resource Manager. Meant for midsized networks, the Video DualManager 400’s capacity maxes out at 400 devices.  

Resource Manager

On the larger scale side, the new Real Presence Resource Manager 8.0 release supports up to 50,000 endpoint devices.

Antanaitis explained that the Resource Manager allows Polycom customers to deploy, provision, monitor and provide feedback on the health of the video network. The system also alerts and sends warnings to IT administrators if a system is down or troubled.

The Resource Manager also plays a key role in provisioning, with the ability to create workgroups or different types of user groups inside the organization. For example, IT might provision a CEO and his executive suite with a certain level of bandwidth availability.

New Polycom customers deploy the RealPresence Resource Manager by loading it on a standard x86 server. Existing customers move to the 8.0 release via a software upgrade on their existing hardware.

Antanaitis explained that in terms of capacity, historically the Resource Manager Platform support 10,000 devices.

“But now with 50,000 devices, this is what is needed to support BYOD, to provide ubiquitous video collaboration, to let devices get provisioned, get software updates, etc.,” Antanaitis said.


Over the course of 2013, Polycom has been touting the benefits of its RealPresence CloudAXIS solution. Antanaitis explained that enterprises will rarely use RealPresence CloudAXIS alone.

“It is an extension of our platform and leverages DMA (Distributed Media Application)to create all the video meeting rooms for every CloudAXIS experience,” Antanaitis said. “DMA creates the room and intelligently routes the video traffic.”

The RealPresence DMA v6.0 release can be clustered to support up to 375,000 users, 75,000 registered devices and 25,000 concurrent calls. Antanaitis explained that DMA can dynamically assign hundreds of thousands of video meeting rooms (VMRs) in a matter of minutes when pointed toward the active directory.

Antanaitis added that the RealPresence Resource Manager is also involved in the management of CloudAXIS traffic, including the amount of bandwidth allowed for each user, managing who has permission to record certain sessions.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist

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