Polycom Launches Three New IP Phones

At VoiceCon San Francisco 2009, Polycom added three new phones to its lineup: the Polycom CX300, the SoundPoint IP 335, and the VVX 1500 D business media phone.

Polycom’s first business media phone, introduced in the spring of 2009, was the VVX 1500, followed soon after by the VVX 1500 C, which was designed specifically for Cisco Unified Communications environments.

Tim Yankey, Polycom’s director of product marketing for desktop and conferencing, says the difference between a business media phone and a simple video phone comes down to the inclusion of advanced business capabilities like call forwarding, multi-party conferencing, a message waiting light, etc.

“This is a device that brings IP telephony capability, business grade video and an applications platform, all into one unified desktop personal device… it’s got a seven-inch touchscreen display, it’s got an adjustable camera built into it, all integrated together so that making a video call is really the same thing as making a regular telephone call,” he says.

The company’s newest business media phone is the VVX 1500 D, with D standing for dual stack – the device supports both SIP and H.323. “We did that because there are larger enterprise organizations that have a call control platform that either doesn’t talk SIP, or it doesn’t have SIP interoperability with Polycom… so the VVX 1500 D can first and foremost become a video endpoint as part of an existing H.323 network, but it also has the SIP capability to talk to the call control platform for telephony,” Yankey says.

Polycom VVX1500D
The new Polycom VVX 1500 D business media phone

And the screen, Yankey says, allows it to serve as much more than just a phone. “We have an open API and a WebKit browser that allows developers to connect the VVX 1500 either into existing business systems, or it can go out to the Internet and stream information and content… so it’s another screen on your desk that can provide snippets of information that will help make the user that much more productive throughout their day,” he says.

The VVX 1500 D will be available this quarter at an MSRP of $1,199.

The SoundPoint IP 335, also introduced at VoiceCon, is an entry-level IP endpoint which includes HD Voice technology, along with a speakerphone, a backlit display, and an RJ-9 connector for a headset.

“We have now incorporated HD Voice into all of the various price points throughout our SoundPoint IP line,” Yankey says. “Previously, if you were going to deploy 100 telephone endpoints and you wanted to take advantage of HD Voice, you had to purchase all of the higher-end Polycom models to be able to take advantage of that… but now you can give HD Voice to everyone from the cafeteria or the cubicle worker all the way up to the executive.”

The SoundPoint IP 335 will be available this month at an MSRP of $199.

Finally, the Polycom CX300 is the newest addition to the company’s CX line, designed specifically for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. Other models include the CX100 USB speakerphone, the CX200 USB handset, and the CX700 standalone IP phone.

The CX300 fits, logically enough, between the CX200 and the CX700: it’s a full-featured USB handset with a dialpad, speakerphone, and backlit display. “We got a lot of feedback on the CX200 that people wanted a more traditional phone… so the CX300 helps round out the line of telephones that we have for the Microsoft environment,” Yankey says.

The Polycom CX300 is available now at an MSRP of $169.

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