Research: Shift Coming Toward Hosted UC&C

“Wainhouse Research recently released two noteworthy reports describing the growth of the hosted and managed unified communications and conferencing services markets in Europe. The reports, titled “2010 European CSP Market Forecast & Provider Reviews” and “European Hosted/Managed Unified Communications Services Forecast,” outline where companies offering unified or managed conferencing and collaboration services can make money, what the total market revenue will be, and what the average selling prices are expected to be for audio conferencing, web conferencing, video bridging, and hosted unified communications solutions over the next five years,” reports Broadcast Newsroom.

“Although hosted and managed unified communications are emerging markets, Wainhouse Research found that every conferencing service provider of any size and almost all of the network service providers are offering unified communications services in one form or another. These services are expected to grow at a fast pace, out stripping the traditional conferencing services market in revenue by 2014. Combined, conferencing services and hosted/managed unified communications services will achieve over $4 billion in revenue by the end of 2014,” the Website reports.

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Wainhouse Research Reports Predict Money Shifting From On-Prem Toward Hosted/Managed Unified Collaboration and Conferencing Services

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