Research: Tablet PCs Will Drive New Convergence

After decades of discussion, the convergence of consumer, computer and communications is finally becoming a reality with the arrival of Apple Inc.’s iPad and competing tablets, a development that will have massive implications for the technology world, spurring competition not only among varying types of products—but among entire industries, according to the market research firm iSuppli, now part of IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS).

“The definition of convergence has changed over time, with the latest version describing it as voice, video and data services being delivered to the home vis-à-vis broadband networks and the new services that would result from this confluence,” said William Kidd, director and principal analyst, financial services for iSuppli. “While that trend still exists, the convergence of consumer electronics devices and industries are now coming together at a fast pace, with the tablet form factor serving a tangible representation of that convergence, since it is part smart phone and part notebook.”

Follow the link below to read the full press release:
Tablets Become Epicenter for Convergence

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