Siemens, Genesys Unite for SIP Call Center Solution

SIP stands at the core of a new integrated IP call-center solution from Siemens and Genesys, announced last week.

The new integrated solution integrates the Genesys 7 set of call center applications with Siemens HiPath 8000 IP system. The stated aim of the technology integration is, “to bring a single, centralized platform of rich contact-center and communication solutions to large enterprises.”

Jonathan Zaremski, director, product marketing at Genesys explained that Genesys does not offer a carrier grade, highly scalable PBX, and Siemens does not offer a large enterprise contact center solution. “Using Genesys SIP Communication Server, the two companies have been able to create a SIP based contact-center solution for large enterprises which is 100 percent software, 100 percent IP, and 100 percent SIP based,” Zaremski told “SIP Server is the integration point between the HiPath 8000 and the Genesys [Real-Time Customer Interaction] Suite.” Zaremski contends that the Genesys/Siemens solution is the first SIP based solution for large enterprises that he is aware of. From his point of view, the main challenge that enterprises have faced with deploying SIP-based contact center virtualization in the past is a lack of availability of highly scalable solutions that are based on IP open standards.

Ralph Riley, U.S. product marketing manager at Siemens Communications, Inc. told VoIPplanet that the problem that many enterprises face is that many of call center solutions are proprietary, site-based, and based on multi-location models.

“This requires dedicated management at every site as well as causing a lot of agent and location constraints, a PBX at every site, proprietary hardware and software at every site, and networking costs between sites,” Riley told

According to Riley the solution offers a number of key advantages including the ability to add anywhere from one user at a time to thousands of users, without agent impact. Easy migration from existing TDM to IP is also key to the offer.

Genesys’s Zaremski explained that a customer can implement this new solution in parallel with TDM or hybrid TDM/IP components and run their entire system as one virtual operation. “With this solution, customers can continue to capture value from existing investments while moving to IP with a migration plan that fits their business needs rather than a migration approach dictated by an infrastructure vendor,” Zaremski said.

The SIP based nature of the solution allows for “substantial” cost savings in trunking and system administration, and also allows the development of highly resilient communication systems when parallel data centers are used in deployment, according to Zaremski. He also claims that the SIP based solution allows for a level of disaster recovery that is virtually impossible with TDM.

“The fact that the system has been developed by two companies committed to open standards and is based on SIP provides customers with the best way to “future-proof” their businesses,” Zaremski said.

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