SIP-based Vo-Fi Debuts on Smartphone Platform

There is no shortage of adaptations of Skype’s popular VoIP software and service with devices that incorporate other phone modes, both wired and wireless. But yesterday’s announcement, by Nokia Corporation of a download that will install Gizmo VoIP—a plug-in adaptation of SIPphone Inc.‘s Gizmo Project softphone—on its N80 Internet Edition smartphone is the first we’ve heard of SIP-based Internet calling being available on a mobile phone.

The Wi-Fi-enabled N80ie is optimized for VoIP using standards-based SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) signaling. The Gizmo VoIP plug-in is the first IP telephony module to be integrated into the Nokia platform– though it will not necessarily be the last.

“Our collaboration with SIPphone makes Internet calling easy, plus our open VoIP platform allows for any SIP-based VoIP provider to incorporate their services in our device architecture, giving consumers the best of the Internet world,” said, Nokia Vice President, Multimedia, Ralph Eric Kunz.

The Gizmo VoIP service is really part of SIPphone’s larger Gizmo Project service (see our review), which offers free calls between members worldwide and free calls to landlines in North America, as well as low-cost calling to landines and cell phones elsewhere.

“Collaborating with Nokia has allowed our development teams to create a compelling VoIP experience on the N80 Internet Edition and instantly enable millions of mobile consumers around the world to save money,” said Michael Robertson, Chairman and CEO of SIPphone.

For users of PC-based Gizmo clients, the Nokia N80 integration provides a mobile option that cuts them loose from the PC and lets them talk to their Gizmo contacts for free—anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection. In addition to saving costly cellular airtime minutes, users of Gizmo VoIP will enjoy full use of Gizmo system features like free voicemail as e-mail and Call Out connections to the PSTN.

Although the N80ie, announced in August of this year, has hitherto been available only from the manufacturer, we spotted it for sale online (with cellular activation) at at least one outlet.

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