Skype Connect Emerges from Beta

“Skype today launched Skype Connect, a VoIP service that enables enterprises to connect and use Skype for a corporate telecommunications. The company is leveraging its original consumer voice and video service to ride the wave of IP convergence in a fight for business dollars against the likes of heavyweights such as Avaya and Cisco,” writes Kevin C. Tofel on the GigaOm blog.

“Previous to today’s announcement, Skype Connect 1.0 has been in beta since March 2009, and works with private branch exchange (PBX) and Unified Communications solutions. Enterprises pay a monthly fee of $6.95 per line while outgoing calls to landlines and mobile devices are charged at SkypeOut rates that start at 2.1 cents per minute,” Tofel writes.

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Skype Wants to Power Your Corporate Phone System

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