Skype Embraces VoSKY Exchange

We first wrote about Actiontec‘s Skype-certified VoSKY Exchange PBX/Skype gateway early this year, when its FXS (extension-side) models—the 9140 and 9180—were announced.

In the interim, VoSKY Technologies was born—a semi-autonomous spin-off from Actiontec—and yesterday, the nascent company announced that Skype has gone beyond certification to offer the VoSKY Exchange 9040 and 9140 models as co-branded products, sold from the Skype U.K. website.

In a nutshell, the VoSKY Exchange products add what are essentially Skype trunk lines to any PBX, whether TDM- or IP-based. Together with the Skype software running on a separate server, this brings Skype-based calling directly to end-users’ desk phones, and gives enterprise IT staff some measure of control over how Skype is deployed and used.

Both of the co-branded models are four-port configurations, the 9040 offering trunk-side or FXO connectivity, the 9140—as mentioned—extension-side or FXS connectivity.

Cost savings is likely the key adoption motivator, but ease of calling, based on speed dials set up in a global organizational address book, is another attraction. Multi-location businesses can set up multiple VoSKY Exchange units in their various offices for totally free calling with extension-style dialing. Remote workers can also connect with office-based colleagues using their own Skype IDs. Other international and long-distance calls are charged at SkypeOut rates.

“This agreement is an important step in the expansion of our Skype for Business Portfolio,” said Alberto Lorente, Skype’s business development director for Europe “The ability to offer Skype trunking through the company PBX is critical for business use, and VoSKY Exchange offers an inexpensive plug-and-play solution that integrates seamlessly with the office phone system, allowing companies to make, receive and transfer Skype calls, while also making it easy for companies to deploy Skype to end users and track Skype-related spending.”

VoSKY Technologies’ CEO Dean Chang commented: “Skype’s decision to co-brand our VoSKY Exchange product reflects the demand for Skype enablers in the business community. We expect this agreement to accelerate market penetration in the U.K. both by adding the Skype brand and increasing our visibility in Skype’s online business portal.”

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