SMBs Turning to Hosted VoIP in the new Economy

“The economy really threw businesses for a loop. In our industry of network appliances and big hunks of telecom technology, moving metal is essential to the bottom line. In the end, however, many companies saw an opportunity to switch firms over to all-IP voice without having them buy up all that VoIP equipment we know and love. In a time when capital is hard to come by CAPEX savings are king. What better way to save on CAPEX than to go for a hosted solution?” writes Fierce VoIP’s Mike Dolan.

“Sure traditionally, premise-based VoIP meant more control and possibly long term savings, but most hosted VoIP solutions today are highly controllable from the home office and the speed at which upgrades to technology are taking place is beginning to negate the idea of long term cost savings. If you have a hosted solution, the company providing the hosting can upgrade the technology and pass those upgrades on to you without your company having to trade out its just paid for boxes every few years,” Dolan writes.

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Exploring Hosted VoIP for the SMB in the new Economy

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