Sonus Portal Uses Voice to Manage Voice

It almost seems too obvious: Use voice to manage a voice network system. That’s exactly what Sonus Networks new Voice Portal application does.

The recently announced Sonus Voice Portal is an interactive voice response system (IVR) that lets users manage consumer voice profile data. Instead of going to a web-based management interface, all users need to do is pick up the phone.

The Sonus Voice Portal manages an array of user preferences including three way calling, call blocking, call forwarding, and speed dialing.

Mike Hluchyj, founder and CTO of Sonus Networks, explained that the Sonus Voice Portal works in conjunction with Sonus’s ASX Class 5 Feature server.

“The Voice Portal was delivered in response to specific customer demand for this type of application,” Hluchyj said. “In addition, with the number of new services being enabled by VoIP solutions, the management and personalization aspect will become increasingly important.”

Hluchyj noted that prior to the introduction of the Voice Portal, customers were primarily using a web-based portal to manager their ASX features.

The lack of an available IVR management application for consumer voice profiles in the past wasn’t a barrier to adoption according to Hluchyj. In fact, he considers the Voice Portal a significant enhancement to the overall consumer experience.

It’s all built and managed using Sonus’s IMX platform, which is a rapid application creation and deployment system. IMX conforms to IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) principles, allowing network operates to create converged wired and mobile application deployments.

“The IMX Application Platform is the underlying platform for enhanced applications,” Hluchyj said. “This is just the beginning of new exciting applications Sonus is building—as well as providing a comprehensive took kit to allow our partners and application developers to build new services too.”

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