Soon Skype Will Be Everywhere

“Skype’s just released its SkypeKit development suite for Mac and Windows. This is good news for developers, who can create different apps with Skype’s VoIP powers built right into their code. This, in turn, will only simplify life for chatty consumers,” writes Fast Company,’s Kit Eaton.

“SkypeKit–an SDK for hooking up to Skype’s VoIP systems–was announced a few weeks ago, but at that stage it was largely a curiosity from a consumer’s point of view as it only worked for Linux-based software. Today’s launch of Mac OS X and Windows versions of the SkypeKit SDK is much bigger news, and indicates that many more pieces of everyday software will be getting VoIP powers, it’s a clear indication of the future direction of Skype’s business model itself,” Eaton writes.

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SkypeKit: Easily Building VoIP Into Any Application

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