Speakeasy Certifies Support for Switchvox, AsteriskNOW

Continuing a trend we’ve been noting for some time—ITSPs (def.) and PBX providers joining forces to provide one-stop-shopping telephony solutions—high-tech-ISP-turned-small-business-VoIP-provider, Speakeasy (see our Profile) recently added Digium to its portfolio of interoperability partners.

Specifically, Speakeasy, which became a BestBuy company in March of 2007, has certified its integrated voice-and-data SIP Trunking services for use with Digium’s Asterisk-based Switchvox SMB and Switchvox SOHO PBX offerings, as well as the open-source AsteriskNOW platform.

“We are excited to certify Digium for our expanded SIP Trunking services,” said Bruce Chatterley, Speakeasy president and CEO. “By certifying Digium’s Switchvox and AsteriskNOW offerings, we are working together to provide solutions for small business customers to upgrade their telecom infrastructures regardless of their legacy voice and data systems.”

Several years ago, the company shifted its focus from high-capacity residential phone and Internet services to meeting the communications needs of small businesses, with reliable, high-quality hosted voice and managed network services, with an affordable and predictable price structure.

Speakeasy’s hardware program expands the company’s reach beyond hosted solutions to include all small businesses, no matter what their existing telephony infrastructure. The SIP Trunking offering can be integrated with most key system, PBX, and IP PBX equipment. And combining the voice and data service in one connection can lower a business’s overall telecommunications costs by as much as 45 percent, according to the company.

Digium is one of the first IP PBX manufacturers to be certified with Speakeasy, which can deliver its SIP trunking service directly to Digium’s Asterisk telephony hardware products.

“With its reputation for outstanding customer service, high-quality products and experience in the small to midsized business market, it’s great news to receive Speakeasy’s compatibility certification for Switchvox and AsteriskNOW,” said Bill Miller, vice president of product management at Digium. “Offerings such as Speakeasy’s SIP Trunks are important to our channel and to our customers.”

Speakeasy’s Integrated Voice automatically allocates available bandwidth to both voice and data transmission—such as e-mail and general Web use—but giving priority to phone calls. This optimizes the customer’s network utilization. Moreover, Digium offers a G.729 codec module that can free up even more data bandwidth by further compressing voice traffic.

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