Speakeasy Customers Get iPhone App

Seattle based IP-based voice and data networking service provider Speakeasy (see our profile here yesterday announced the availability of EasyVoice Mobile for the iPhone.

The application, developed by New York City-based JNSoftware, LLC, is not free, as are many VoIP apps for mobile phones, but rather “available for purchase” ($9.95) at the iPhone App Store—only to customers of Speakeasy’s Hosted Voice business phone service.

“The iPhone is increasingly functioning as both a personal and business phone, and we wanted our customers to have access to an application that helps them stay connected to the office wherever they go,” said Speakeasy CEO Bruce Chatterley, in a statement.

As an ‘extension’ of Hosted Voice, EasyVoice Mobile offers a number of features that business people will undoubtedly come to rely on.

First of all, your iPhone can function as your business phone, receiving calls to your dedicated business number and placing calls that reflect your desk phone caller ID. Moreover, you can access your business line’s full call history from the handset, just as if you were in front of your PC.

EasyVoice Mobile also provides access to your Hosted Voice voicemail, and the application integrates with your iPhone contact database, making all of those contacts easily available via click-to-call. You can also use click-to-call to return missed calls that came to the iPhone.

PBX-like functions such as hold, resume, end, do-not-disturb, and transfer (to another number or to voicemail) are also built into EasyVoice Mobile.

Finally, with the EasyVoice Global rate plan ($39.95 per seat per month), business users get free international calling to 22 countries. (Note that Speakeasy offers several other economical ways to place international calls using Hosted Voice.)

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