Telovations: Business phone with serious service-level commitments.

Telovations, Inc., headquartered in Tampa, Florida, is a facilities-based competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) that serves small and medium-size businesses with cost-effective communications solutions.

The company’s mission is to provided converged communications solutions that make money, save money, and create efficiencies for their customers. Telovations does this by delivering its services through dedicated T-1 or fiber optic connections, over an end-to-end, Cisco-powered network that is monitored on a 24×7 basis from redundant network operations centers located in Florida and Colorado.

Telovations packages its bundled services to target three distinct business markets.

The Innovate for Business package is a managed service designed for a growing business that requires 5, 10, or 20 lines. This service includes over 100 call features, including find me/follow me, remote office, fax-to-e-mail forwarding, branch office networking, conference calling, disaster redirect, and more.

Additional optional applications include a Microsoft Integration Toolbar to manage calls from Outlook or Internet Explorer; Auto-Attendant options to quickly set up automated call answering – including one-key dialing for up to nine caller groups; dial-by-name or -extension; an embedded night service profile which automatically activates after business hours; multi-site support; a Receptionist Console; and Messages on Hold.

Users can easily manage their portion of the system using the Teloportal management system, which is a Web-based interface that allows one-click controls to modify call forwarding, voice-mail-to-e-mail, and other configurations from the user’s desktop.

The Innovate for Enterprise bundle is an outsourced communications service designed to increase business efficiency and reduce costs. It includes two key services: The hosted voice solution provides a telephone system that is hosted at an off-site data center, with Cisco IP phones located at the customer’s premises. This service includes a Microsoft integration toolbar and Click to Call, seamless integration of all business locations, unified messaging, mobility services, and disaster recovery.

The second part is a managed SIP trunking offering that delivers local, toll-free, and domestic and international long distance services across the United States. This service allows a mix of the Telovations hosted voice service and existing phone equipment, thus integrating all business locations into one seamless service plan. The SIP trunking service includes some advanced disaster recovery features, including redundant trunk connections into the enterprise; flexible call rerouting for automatic or manual diversion of incoming calls to alternate locations; and dynamically growing trunk groups that can increase in capacity to support temporary increases in call volume.

Innovate for Call Centers provides an integrated solutions that lets businesses build a comprehensive call center anywhere in the world with no hardware, software, or up-front capital expenditures. The call center offerings allow customers to place calls to the business number, and the Telovations network then distributes these calls to the next available call agent, no matter where they are located. This service includes two offerings that are targeted at the small and medium business market.

The first package, called the Cost Effective Offer, includes a virtual Automatic Call Director (ACD), with enhanced ACD/queuing and a Web agent for ACD state synchronization and daily reports. The second package is named the Complete Offer and provides a virtual call center that includes enhanced ACD/queuing, call center clients, and advanced real-time and historical reporting.

All of the Telovations services are backed by their TeloSurance service commitment plan, which includes some significant managed service guarantees. These include:

  • Network reliability: with a network designed for 99.999 percent reliability, Telovations will credit its customer for twice the amount of time if the service goes down.
  • Equipment service: Telovations uses Cisco and Polycom equipment and provides next-business-day replacement service in the event of an equipment failure.
  • Response time: provides a single telephone number to reach their technical support services, which is available on a 24×7 basis.
  • Disaster protection: included with all of the service plans, the Essential Disaster Redirect Service provides customers with the features, applications, and tools necessary to create a unique telecommunications emergency plan.
  • Billing accuracy: believing that telecommunications bills should be easy to understand, Telovations credits customers with twice the amount of any errors that are found.

Further information on the Telovations solutions can be found at Our next tutorial will continue our review of various service providers hosted voice solutions.

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