The future of Unified Communications: telephony or social networking?

“Truth be told, 2010 hasn’t been a good year for UC/UCC. The cry that next year will be the ‘Year of UC’ is getting a bit thin at this point, and a prominent analyst firm even called UC a ‘ponzi scheme.’ The big problem isn’t even that the concept is losing enterprise support, according to my latest survey. It’s why that support is being lost,” writes communications consultant Tom Nolle on No

“Enterprises have a real appreciation of the value of worker communication. In the survey, they clustered into three groups based on how they visualized their communications and collaboration tools. One group was data-centric, and saw communication and collaboration focused on application data views shared by the workers. For this group, collaboration was an offshoot of their IT directions, driven by their IT and in particular software vendors. Another group was people-centric, and saw collaboration as the virtual assembly of teams. This was the group most likely to support telepresence and video collaboration. The final group was tool-centric, and planned to build their future communications and collaboration around tools that were available,” Nolle writes.

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All Alone by the Telephone

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