The Managed/Hosted UC Puzzle

“When it comes to hosted services, UC is an interesting animal, because certain components of it have been delivered over the Web for years,” blogs Frost and Sullivan analyst Malanie Turek on

“For instance, Web conferencing continues to see about 80 to 85 percent of revenues derived from SaaS offerings,” Turek continues. “But if you look at the core capabilities of UC—voice communications, presence information—they are traditionally delivered on premises in the enterprise, and that hasn’t changed, despite the fact that hosted offerings have been in the market for years.”

“To embrace hosted UC, companies must embrace the idea of hosted IP telephony services, as well as hosted IM/chat capabilities. And all our evidence suggests they are not inclined to do so,” Turek writes.

Click the following link to read the full posting: Join us at VoiceCon to Debate the Merits of Hosted and Managed UC

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