Thinking Phone Networks Rebrands UC Offering as ThinkingSuite

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., November 10, 2010 – Enterprise cloud communications service provider Thinking Phone Networks today announced a rebranding campaign that focuses on the importance of business analytics and application integration to driving enterprise unified communications deployment success and value. Included in the rebranding is a new corporate identity, a new Web site presence at, and re-naming of the company’s suite of enterprise unified communications services which will now be offered under the ThinkingSuite™ ecosystem brand.

“The key to securing real value from enterprise unified communications is by significantly reducing human latency in processes throughout the organization, from customer-facing areas such as the contact center to the back office,” said Steve Kokinos, Thinking Phone Networks president and CEO. “To accomplish this, enterprises must integrate communications directly into all desktop and mobile applications. Once integrated, business analytics power an organization’s ability to establish workflow base lines, track process improvements, and calculate real-dollar cost savings.”

Click the link below to read the full press release:
Thinking Phone Networks Rebranding Underscores Enterprise Analytics, Application Integration as Key Unified Communications Drivers

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