Top 4 arguments for�and against�Microsoft Lync.

Two telecoms experts, and regular contributors to the Website No Jitter—independent consultant Dave Michaels and interconnect owner Matt Brunk—aired their differences regarding Lync in a recent point-counterpoint, based on Total Cost of Ownership, Interface quality, and other criteria.

Michaels opens:

“Microsoft Lync is redefining enterprise communications. The product was released last November to a market devoid of intuitive communications. Lync offers a broad solution that can (optionally) eliminate the PBX stranglehold, and offers communication and capabilities that allow people to communicate on their own terms; when, where, and how they work best. Lync offers a robust set of tools that delivers real time unified communications solutions in an impressive and thorough way.”

Brunk counters:

“Microsoft Lync is a ‘billion dollar’ revenue creation opportunity that started with Microsoft not wanting to buy into someone else’s proprietary offering (the PBX).

“Microsoft pitches Lync as a real-time tool that significantly improves and redefines enterprise communications to unify messages that just flood workers with more messages, options and programming decisions. Always-on real time communications is hard to maintain.”

Follow the link below to read their arguments in full:
Microsoft Lync: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

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