Top Seven Ways VoIP Saves Money

“All those finance and spreadsheet junkies out there know there comes a time in building a business case when results from all the calculations start putting a smile on your face. In this economy, it’s more important that ever to build a solid business case to protect your project. In 2010, 77% of companies report flat or decreasing IT budgets (down from 86% in 2009, but still….) So when the budget axe looms, make sure you can document why it shouldn’t fall—at least not on the VOIP project,” writes Nemertes Research founding partner Robin Gareiss on No

“The most compelling way to make that happen is by using compelling figures from a business case. In our research, we have found several key areas that can show cost savings. Obviously, these all vary, depending on the specifics of your rollout—and you must balance them with the implementation, capital, and operational costs of the project,” Gareiss writes.

Click the link below to read Gareiss’s discussion of the seven areas most likely to ultimately provide big savings after project completion:
VOIP Savings Come in All Forms

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