TranSwitch, VoiceAge Partner to Accelerate Global Adoption of HD Voice

SHELTON, CT – February 16, 2010 – TranSwitch® Corporation (NASDAQ: TXCC), a leading provider of semiconductor solutions for next-generation communications infrastructure and CPE solutions, and VoiceAge Corporation, a leading developer of voice codec technology, today announced that they are increasing their cooperation to accelerate the global adoption of high-definition (HD) voice in wire-line and wireless carrier networks. VoiceAge played a central role in inventing the adaptive-multi-rate wide-band (AMR-WB) coder-decoder (codec) adopted by 3GPP, the global consortium for the cellular industry, and the associated G.722.2 wide-band codec adopted by ITU-T, the international telecommunications standards organization.

“Mobile carriers are starting to roll out the AMR-WB codec in their networks, bringing excellent audio quality to their customers. Thanks to the superior compression technology of the AMR-WB codec, we can accommodate speech bandwidth of 50—7000 HZ, more than twice the bandwidth of telephone systems, resulting in clearer and more life-like voice quality. Leading semiconductor companies like TranSwitch play a key role in enabling the widespread adoption of these new codecs in mobile and wire-line carrier networks as well as enterprise and consumer premise equipment. ” said Laurent Amar CEO of VoiceAge.

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