UC Not Replacing VoIP Any Time Soon

“Just because Unified Communications (UC) has arrived, does not mean IP Telephony (IPT) will rapidly disappear to become a component of UC. Many organizations will still be struggling with the replacement of the PBX or the termination of CENTREX services. The biggest problem in selecting an IPT vendor is that most of the IPT products are about 80 percent to 90 percent the same. This means that the differentiators among the vendors are the elements that must be considered before the IPT selection is finished,” writes Delphi, Inc.’s Gary Audin, on the NoJitter Blog.

“The IPT landscape has migrated into a software centric set of solutions. The hardware, servers, are becoming more of a commodity, moving away from proprietary machines. The IP phones are also moving towards becoming commodity products especially SIP phones. The software is the difference,” Audin writes

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You’re Still Buying IP Telephony

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