Verizon Wireless will support VoIP-only calls on its LTE network.

“There is a reason why Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ, NYSE:VOD) didn’t mention anything about hand off between long-term evolution (LTE) and its CDMA network when it announced its first successful voice-over-LTE calls last week. Verizon doesn’t plan to support the packet-to-circuit conversion that would allow customers to move between LTE and CDMA 1X coverage without dropping their phone calls. Rather Verizon will keep VoIP-initiated calls on the LTE network and circuit-switched calls on the 2G network—never the twain shall meet,” writes Connected Planet’s Kevin Fitchard.

“The reason, explained Tony Melone, is simple: when its commercial VoIP service goes live, Verizon Wireless plans to have an extensive LTE footprint so the majority of its customers will always be under its all-IP umbrella. Customers making CDMA calls will thus stay on the 1X network,” Fitchard writes.

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MWC: Verizon to start shifting to LTE-only phones in 2013

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