Virtualization: The Future of Telephony?

Microsoft made a splash at this week’s VoiceCon with the announcement and demo of its upcoming Office Communications Server release, dubbed “14,” notes Nemertes Research analyst Irwin Lazar, writing on the NoJitter blog.

But, Lazar goes on, as the software package gains more and robust telephony features – more and more “resembling the beast it is trying to kill” – it actually loses some of its competitive edge relative to the traditional IP PBX

“So what’s the real ‘killer-app’ for OCS Wave 14 if the lines between it and other IP-PBXs are starting to blur?” Lazar wonders. “Virtualization.”

By reducing the number of servers required to run telephony apps and enabling a cloud-based services architecture, Microsoft OCS regains that competitive advantage.

Lazar goes on to consider the significance other recent developments in the virtualization of telephony applications.

Click the following link to read the full posting: Virtualization is the Key To OCS Success

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