VoIP Is Key Component in New Project Management App

Tech-startup and Big X-consulting veteran Andy Powers heads up the team that today unveils a new web-based project collaboration application, CommuniClique.

According to CEO Powers, at its core, CommuniClique contains the task-tracking, recording, and reporting apparatus associated with traditional project management software—complete with dashboard style management-level rollup views—but with an added emphasis on communications tools, both real-time and asynchronous.

Indeed, the product’s communication “Switchboard” provides many elements of the most sophisticated enterprise collaboration tools, including document sharing, screen sharing, threaded text messaging, e-mail, and, most significantly voice over IP.

CommuniClique’s real-time VoIP capability—which at this point uses the company’s own gateway but which will integrate with similar tools from other vendors in the future, according to Powers—is enhanced by both audio recording and speech-to-text transcription capabilities. So, not only does each user have a cost-free ‘phone’ at his/her fingertips—built into the project management application itself—but call proceedings can be incorporated into the ongoing record of project completion.

“Say you and I have been working on a project together, and we’ve been doing it for six months,” Powers put it to VoIPplanet.com. “Then, enter project team member number three, and they need to get caught up. As opposed to you and I spending weeks training that person, we can just unload the appropriate data and say ‘Have at it.’ ”

Many of the project management applications available on the market today are designed around application development projects, Powers observed. CommuniClique can certainly handle development-related tasks, he asserted, but can also take on jobs not traditionally thought of as “projects.”

“We’ve got people reviewing our application right now that are in the legal world,” he pointed out. “Law firms actually view each case as a project, and they collaborate on each case using all the communications tools that we’ve developed.” Accounting firms are also among businesses taking a quasi-project approach to their clients’ affairs, according to Powers.

“What we’ve done is we’ve taken a step back and looked at the business world as a whole, and said, ‘Ultimately there are a lot of applications for this particular solution that help streamline and help drive tasks and projects to their ultimate completion—and help our customers not only save money, but make money,’ ” he told VoIPplanet.com.

To subscribe to the service, go to the CommuniClique sign-up page and . . . sign up. The cost is $9.99 per month per individual participant. Individual subscribers become part of an ongoing project group by invitation.

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