VoSKY Exchange Ready for the BIG Time

For some 18 months now, Enterprise VoIPplanet.com has been following the trajectory of the VoSKY Exchange PBX-to-Skype gateway product line with interest.

In the beginning we were mildly skeptical that this technology for connecting a business phone system with the Skype network was going to find much marketplace acceptance. But we’ve watched it evolve and grow in what can only be called robust fashion.

In May of this year we reported on some intriguing VoSKY innovations: a pair of click-to-call features (that is click-to-call and click-to-call-back) that let any website visitor place a call directly to the company’s VoSKY gateway from any phone—simply by clicking a number on the web page—and a fixed/mobile convergence feature that VoSKY-fied Skype’s dual-mode 3 Skypephone to allow virtually free international calls to and from the Exchange gateway.

Yesterday, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based VoSKY announced a new gateway model, the VoSKY Exchange Pro VIT1/E1, which, as the name suggests, supports T1 and E1 digital interfaces. This means that the device, which is built on VoSKY’s latest ‘enterprise-grade’ Linux platform, will seamlessly integrate with corporate PBXs that have T1 or E1 interfaces—meaning in turn that companies with such legacy hardware can now deploy VoSKY gateways without having to replace existing infrastructure—even phones.

The Exchange Pro can support up to 23 concurrent calls with a T1 PRI or as many as 30 concurrent calls with an E1 PRI, providing the kind of scalability that takes this game out of the small business category altogether.

So, will large organizations embrace the VoSKY vision? Only time will tell, but if the company’s claim—that VoSKY Exchange-equipped enterprises can save up to 90 percent of phone service costs, compared to traditional telco trunks—is even close to accurate, we’d expect to see enthusiastic adoption.

The company declined to make pricing information available by press time.

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