VoSKY Rounds Out Exchange Pro Line with SIP Model

The developers at Sunnyvale Calif.-based VoSKY sure have been busy in recent months. In the third major product announcement since May (see Related Articles), the company today revealed the latest version of its flagship product, the VoSKY Exchange Pro gateway, which connects corporate phone systems with the Skype network.

The new kid on the block is the Skype-certified VoSKY Exchange Pro VISIP-EX.

If you spotted the letters SIP woven into the product name, congratulations: You have sharp eyes. Yes, this new version of the VoSKY gateway mediates between an in-house SIP network and Skype’s SIP-like (but not true SIP) worldwide network—replacing (or substituting for) a SIP trunk from an ITSP with Skype over the public Internet.

For companies with IP PBXs that want to make use of Skype as their external phone service provider, the VoSKY solution is a simple one. The Pro VISIP-EX seamlessly (according to the company) integrates with any IP PBX, via the SIP trunk port, providing up to 30 Skype lines and requiring no alterations to phones or other infrastructure.

Employees can then make and receive Skype calls from their existing office phones, without the need for computers, Skype software, headsets, or special Skype phones.

The VoSKY Exchange Pro VISIP-EX, like all VoSKY gateways, centralizes the administration of the phone system, handling security, providing full record-keeping functionality, and running a single instance of the Skype application (rather than a mix of installations on various hardware throughout the organization).

In addition to (presumably) lowering the cost of long-distance and international calling, using Skype as the enterprise carrier, brings benefits such access to inexpensive SkypeIn DIDs practically anywhere in the world, and other Skype applications, such as the VoSKY-developed click-to-call and click-to-call-back buttons that companies can place on a Web page to facilitate phone contacts from customers or potential customers.

Mobile workers can connect to the company PBX from anywhere for free, using the Skype client on their laptop or other mobile device—with virtually no setup and no worries about VPNs or NAT/firewall traversal.

Our reaction to the Exchange Pro VISIP-EX here at Enterprise VoIPplanet.com—as it has been to other VoSKY innovations—is mild incredulity, but the world seems to keep buying these appliances.

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