VoxOx Launches Unlimited Calling, Texting Plans

In July of this year, Enterprise VoIPplanet reported on the launch of version 2.0 of VoxOx, a TelCentris product that brings together all PC-based communications apps—VoIP services, social networks, texting, IM, faxing, etc.—into a single user interface.

At the time, TelCentris CEO Bryan Hertz mentioned the impending advent of unlimited subscription plans for calling and text messaging to non-VoxOx-member phones. (As with most PC-based VoIP, etc. services, communications between members are always free.) That moment has now arrived, as VoxOx yesterday announced the plans’ immediate availability.

“VoxOx is completely free for consumers who want to talk or video conference with other VoxOx users, as well as leverage its advanced integration with all major communication channels,” said Hertz, in a statement. “For those consumers, who want to call off-network for pennies per minute, we are now offering, on an introductory basis, some of the lowest rates in the industry for worldwide calling and texting.”

There are, currently, four plans available, two covering U.S. and Canada, two global. The N. American phone plan, unlimited calling to any landline or mobile phone, carries an introductory price of $2.45 per month. Unlimited texting for the region is a bit pricier at $4.95 per month.

For worldwide phone calls to landlines plus a subset of mobile phones in approximately 55 countries outside the U.S, users will have to fork over $12.95 a month; worldwide texting runs $9.95 per month. (Check here for a list of countries covered by the plan.)

TelCentris claims that these are the lowest rates in the industry, and promises that for the duration of the introductory offer, those who sign up will be able to keep the low, low pricing going forward.

Note that to be able to take advantage of the plan offerings, users will need to upgrade to the latest version of the free VoxOx application (which can be downloaded here.)

Those wishing to use VoxOx PSTN calling and SMS services to non-members but who don’t wish to subscribe can “pay as they go” in the familiar manner, by prepaying for minutes, SMS messages, and outbound faxes.

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