Want free VoIP calls? Now there’s magicTalk.

“Insomniacs are no doubt familiar with the infomercials for magicJack, a device that lets you plug your home phone into a computer to make calls over the Internet using VoIP. Marketed as “the most exciting deal we’ve ever had” on the “Saving Shopping Network,” the magicJack is $40 for the device and the first year’s service with a $20 annual fee for each year after,” writes Roy Furchgott on the New York Times Gagetwise blog.

“What isn’t mentioned on the infomercials is that the company is offering a software-only version for free (without the device), and that it can be used over any computer that has a microphone and speakers, or using a headset, as with other VoIP programs like Skype and Fring,” Furchgott writes.

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MagicJack Now Offers Free Calls

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