What’s Behind the Cisco Cius Tablet?

“What an interesting announcement of the Cisco Cius this week. All at once, Cisco enters the cellular phone market, enters the tablet computer market, introduces another mobile WiFi video device, and ups the ante for high-end business telephones. Sets one to wondering just what the goals might be for all of this and why Cisco chose to make their own device?” writes consultant Marty Parker on the No Jitter blog.

“Right out of the box, reason #1, may be to drive video usage! Cisco qualifies as the world’s leading champion of video communications for years now, pretty much marked from their announcement of Cisco Telepresence in October 2006 (yes, almost 4 years ago). Since then, video has been a common thread in everything,” Parker writes.

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Considering the Cisco Cius: What Is Cisco Thinking?

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