Will Google Voice Live in Gmail?

“CNET has learned that Google is testing a Web-based service within Gmail that will allow users to place phone calls from their in-boxes. It’s launched from the Google Chat window on the lower left-hand side of a Gmail page and allows users to place and receive calls from within their contacts through a user interface that strongly resembles the one used in Google Voice,” writes CNET’s Tom Krazit.

“Google has been edging in this direction for some time. Google Talk was released years ago as a VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) desktop client, and it has also spent a lot of time and money evangelizing Google Voice, a service that transcribes voice mails and allows users to have one phone number that rings multiple phones. But a Web-based VOIP client–which is what the new service appears to be–is another matter entirely,” Krazit writes.

Click the link below to read the full report:
Google testing voice calling in Gmail

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