Will We See an App Store for Microsoft OCS?

No Jitter editor Erik Kraph, in a recent post (which in turn references this post on The VAR Guy.com), wrote about the impending launch of an App Store for Microsoft OCS/CS 14 by a company called Evangelyze Communications.

The App Store idea is in line with the expectations – drastically lower software costs and vastly increased app choice – that the very launch of Microsoft Office Communications Server unleashed in the beginning, Kraph suggested.

An App Store would, at first blush, certainly seem to be in the spirit of this epic move from hardware-based to software-based communications technology, according to Kraph. But the overwhelming success of the Apple App Store isn’t necessarily a valid model for technology aimed at the enterprise.

Click the link below to follow Kraph’s argument:
OCS App Store: Could This Be the Formula for Unified Communications?

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