Zultys Takes Aim at SMB VoIP Market with ONE Systems

Silicon Valley-based Zultys Technologies has had good success in the marketplace with its MX line of highly integrated IP communications servers—not to mention its IP phones—since its founding in 2002. (See VoIPplanet.com‘s profile of the MX product line here.)

The company recently announced ONE, a suite of pre-packaged, pre-configured MX-based systems designed to lower the VoIP barrier to entry for small and medium-size companies.

Smaller companies “want this VoIP/IP PBX functionality,” Zultys marketing executive Jack Irving told Enterprise VoIPplanet.com in a recent briefing, “but it’s just too hard to buy this stuff. So we’re trying to make it easy to understand and easy to buy—and, in keeping with our track record and our philosophy—easy to deploy and easy to manage.”

One of the significant barriers, Irving pointed out, is that smaller companies are unlikely to have IT staffs sufficiently sophisticated to successfully deploy multiple boxes and configure multiple servers.

But another barrier is the sheer complexity that arises from having to understand and navigate through the dozens or hundreds of features and functionalities that PBX vendors offer. “It gets confusing,” Irving said.

“Traditionally—what I call the old way of doing things—you buy a box that’s essentially empty, and you add or turn on licenses for all of the different feature sets—an à la carte sort of approach.”

Rather than subjecting SMB IT staffs to that sort of an exercise, Zultys’ ONE packages let customers approach a purchase decision in simpler terms. “You should really talk about number of users and what your business actually looks like,” Irving commented, “and not have to worry about, did I get the right kind of tires on my car—to mix metaphors.”

With the ONE program, Zultys, working with its reseller channel, will guide customers toward an appropriately configured solution at a single, appropriate, price point. In other words, ONE will deliver to customers a pre-designed system, complete with everything but phones. “It’s pre-packaging and pre-configuring for the feature sets and the licenses associated with those feature sets and the quantities of those feature sets,” Irving explained.

The entry level package is ONE Essentials, built around the MX 30 system, configured for 10 users and expandable to a maximum of 30 users.

Other bundles, the ONE/20, ONE/50, ONE/100, and ONE/200 are built around the more robust MX 250, which will support up to250 users without adding equipment, and which can be extended to support as many as 10,000 users across an entire system.

“The general price point we were going for [with the ONE program] is between $250 and $300 per user,” Irving told VoIPplanet—about one half to two thirds of the going prices out there for multi-box configurations that have the same kinds of features.”

The Zultys MX systems are standards-based—SIP, XML, and TAPI—and incorporate, in addition to the IP PBX, an IP Internet gateway, a Data Communications server, a Collaboration server (IM and chat), a Fax server, and a PSTN Telephony gateway.

The ONE systems are available through Zultys’ reseller/VAR channel.

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