Is Google Now a Carrier?

With the launch of its Call Phones VoIP app Google may be susceptible to the regulation that traditional carriers enjoy.

 By VoipPlanet.com Staff
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"These days, the mere mention that Google is offering a new VOIP (voice over IP) service raises concerns about whether the company is creeping closer to becoming a carrier," writes eWeek's Clint Boulton.

"With Call Phones from Gmail, users can type the name of their existing Gmail contacts or punch in a number for the first time, hit enter, and Gmail begins ringing the person's landline or cell phone. Calls are free to the U.S. and Canada. International calls start at 2 cents a minute," Boulton writes.

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Google: Gmail Calling Doesn't Make Us a Carrier

This article was originally published on Sep 22, 2010
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