Low-cost VoIP with pocket-size Duo device from netTalk.

Unlike the well-known MagicJack, Duo can make calls with or without a computer.

 By VoipPlanet.com Staff
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"While the MagicJack, a device that lets you make phone calls over the Internet, is well known thanks to its inescapable infomercials, it’s not the only device of its kind," writes New York Times tech blogger Roy Furchgott.

"Take the netTalk Duo, a competing device, about half the size of a pack of playing cards and a bit thicker, which can connect your phone to the Internet through a computer, or without one, by plugging directly into a router," Furchgott writes.

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NetTalk Duo Does VoIP Without a PC

This article was originally published on Mar 17, 2011
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