Nimbuzz Android App Updated

New version features HD voice capability.

 By VoipPlanet.com Staff
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"Nimbuzz, a cross-platform multi-IM and VOIP clients, has released Nimbuzz 2.0.2 for Android app, which can be downloaded for free from the Android market," writes TMCnet contributer Nathesh.

"One of the new features integrated into the new version is termed as “HD voice quality,” which allows users to make HD calls over WiFi and 3G. Instead of routing calls through Nimbuzz servers, the app now makes a peer to peer connection between users’ phone and the phone of the person they are calling, and auto-detects their network speed to determine if HD calls are possible," Nathesh writes.

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Nimbuzz Launches New Version of its Android App

This article was originally published on Dec 14, 2010
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